Terms and Conditions

Prices given represent our best estimate of the charge(s ) for the Calibration (Verification ) of the item (s ) listed. These prices are based on information received from your company or from previous history and are subject to change if the job differs. Prices shown are good for 30 days from date.

Prices include Certificates of Calibration listing standards that are traceable to the standards of the National Institute of Standards & Technology (N.I.S.T ) .

Calibrations and certifications are performed in accordance with: ISO-10012-1, ANSI/NCSL Z540.3-2006, and ISO/IEC Guide 25. ISO/IEC 17025:2017 calibration and certification may be requested with regard to our scope and CMC. Please contact the Quality manager to discuss your particulars


Payment terms: Net 30 days / C.O.D. / Visa & Mastercard are accepted.

Surface plates that exceed applicable specification by .0005" ; ADD 50% [minimum] to resurfacing charge for each.

Surface plates with threaded inserts and CMM granite plates; add 25% [$25 minimum] to the regular surface plate charge. [Applies to calibration and/or resurfacing]

Prices quoted are for calibration only and do not include any repairs or parts. Minor adjustments are included, if needed.

Dates for on-site work are per pre-arranged schedule. Minimum on-site charges will be quoted on a per job basis.

Travel charges will be quoted on a per job basis. (Depends on schedule & trip length )

If an overnight stay is required; the per diem charge is $100 to $150 per Technician. (Season & location dependent ) Per Diem charges are shared with other customers whenever possible.

Charges for other than normal cleaning of gages / gage blocks will be quoted upon our arrival on-site or when items are received at our lab.

Relocation & re-setup of calibration equipment to an additional building [on-site] is $35 [minimum] per move.

Laboratory minimum charge is $35.00 [does not include return shipping charges]

Lab calibrated items will be returned UPS or FedEx Ground, insured for replacement
cost, unless otherwise directed on Purchase Order. [Shipping charges are added to invoice]

No sales taxes are charged for calibration services. Repairs and purchases are taxable.

An acknowledgement of receipt listing items received and showing amounts to be charged will be faxed, ONLY if different than shown on the Purchase Order.

Orders received without a Purchase Order No. may be subject to a 10% surcharge.

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